What is the maximum number of children in an Enrichment Pod?

The maximum number of children in an Enrichment Pod is ten. 

How many Museum staff will be with the Enrichment Pod?

We will maintain a ratio of no more than 5 children to 1 Museum staff. Each pod of five children or less will work with one dedicated Museum educator. Each pod of six to ten children will work with two Museum educators. 

What if I am not already part of a learning pod?

If you are not already part of a learning pod, we encourage you to contact us to express your interest in the Explore It Enrichment Pods program and let us know how many children you would be interested in enrolling. As individual families who are not already part of a pod contact us, the Museum will try to create pods by connecting interested families.

Will each pod be grouped by age/grade?

Not necessarily. Our top priority is the safety of children and staff. If an existing pod has several children across ages and grades, they would remain together during their time in the Museum in order to minimize contact with others.

The activities that are part of Explore It Enrichment Pods are heavily based in exploration and play–pedagogical approaches that naturally lend themselves to engaging a wide variety of children of different ages and interests. The Museum educators supporting each pod will help to differentiate the content to meet children where they are, allowing all children who are part of the pod to participate.

How long does each registration apply for?

Each Explore It Enrichment Pod registration is for a 6-week session. 

Does there have to be a parent/guardian/caregiver with the Enrichment Pod?

There must be at least one caregiver with the Enrichment Pod during their time in the building each day. Each day will consist of several sessions, including some Museum exploration time and a variety of hands-on activities. The caregiver will be asked to accompany the group when they are exploring the Museum, and will be given the choice of either engaging with the Enrichment Pod during the activities or working/relaxing in a nearby space. Please note that the caregiver onsite does not necessarily need to be the same person each day. Different caregivers associated with the pod are welcome to attend on different days of the week. 

Where in the Museum does the Enrichment Pod meet?

Each Enrichment Pod will have their own designated home-base where they can leave their belongings. Pods will be invited to explore different areas of the Museum on different days, and those areas would be reserved for the pod during their exploration time. 

What sanitary and safety precautions are being taken due to COVID-19?

The Museum has implemented a wide array of safety procedures related to COVID-19.

  • All Museum staff and visitors age 2 and above are required to wear a face covering (over their nose and mouth) and follow 6-foot social distancing protocols.
  • Museum surfaces are sanitized at least twice per day. High-touch areas are sanitized more frequently.
  • All loose parts are cycled through a cleaning solution daily; loose parts that cannot be safely cleaned with the solution are quarantined for at least three days before reuse.
  • In order to support physical distancing, every exhibit in the Museum has a visitor capacity posted, and Museums staff persons are strategically stationed to enforce exhibit capacities, and remind visitors about distancing and face covering protocols.
  • All exhibit components and areas of the Museum were reviewed prior to reopening and anything that could not be easily sanitized or social distance would be too big of a challenge, have been closed. Most of these components and areas have been replaced with other opportunities for play.
  • While pods will operate in their own areas, the Museum capacity for the public to visit has been reduced by 90%, and the Museum is closed for cleaning between timed ticket sessions. 

Will Enrichment Pods be interacting with general Museum visitors?

In order to maximize safety, Enrichment Pods are not intended to interact with other Museum visitors. Children in the pod will have a chance to explore the Museum during their visit, but will be kept separate from other visitors. During the activities, the enrichment pod will be in a separate, closed-door space. 

What will children learn through their Enrichment Pod experience? 

Children will progress through a set of hands-on activities and themes developed by Boston Children’s Museum educators, which you can learn more about here.

Will children be given homework? 

Children will not be given homework. The aim of the exploration and activities done in the Enrichment Pods is to get kids so excited about their learning that they will want to keep discussing and reflecting on their experiences at home! 

What is the fee to register my child in an enrichment pod? 

The cost of the six (6) week program is $1,800 payable in six weekly installments, paid in advance.

Is it possible to customize our learning pod’s schedule and adjust the fee accordingly?

Please contact us to initiate a dialogue regarding your specific circumstances. We will determine the best way to move forward. 

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Payment for the pods will be via credit cards and will be charged in advance on a weekly basis.  The Museum will require at least a 7 day notice for cancellation of participation in the program. No refunds will be issued.