The Power of Play

Play is the instinctive way children interact with the world around them. Play is voluntary and most often has no extrinsic goals. Through self-directed play, children discover new things, make their own choices and decisions, and learn new skills. They learn to conquer their fears, work with others, explore the unknown, and create something of their own.

For a child, play is the gateway to learning, health, and confidence. Play is active not passive, and marked by surprise, uncertainty, initiative, trial and error, spontaneity, and self-expression. In an accelerated and technological society, free play is in jeopardy. The Museum strives to create a rich environment that that allows children to connect with their playful spirit, and foster their cognitive, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Our Explore It Enrichment Pods are infused with this spirit of play that makes learning fun and helps kids be active participants in their own learning.