Our Educators

Boston Children’s Museum was founded in 1913 by a collection of local science teachers dedicated to supporting children with hands-on learning experiences. Today, the education division is a carefully assembled group of passionate educators with expertise across a wide spectrum of content areas. Our educators specialize in early childhood, art, culture, performing arts, health and wellness, science, technology, and engineering. This team of educators collaborates to create cross-disciplinary programs and experiences that emphasize the importance of play, exploration, and hands-on learning. During this time of unprecedented challenges for children and families, the Museum’s educators have created the Enrichment Pods program to support children through the types of hands-on, fun exploration and learning that have become a hallmark of our work.

Boston Children’s Museum’s educators are experts at ensuring children get caught up in the joy and discovery of the experiences we provide; we often hear that children had fun, played, and that they want to come back tomorrow! Underneath these experiences is a research-based learning framework and pedagogy crafted by Museum educators. The learning frameworks are considered whenever educators create new experiences for children. Museum educators understand the importance of knowing and understanding our community and responding to the needs of children and families. Most of all, Boston Children’s Museum educators care about making experiences like our Enrichment Pods fun!