“In The Human Body” Module 16 (Age 4-6)

Opening Video - Module 16

Hear the Music

Hearing is one of the five basic senses. It’s how ears turn sound waves (yup, sound moves in waves that we usually can’t see) into something that brains can understand. Music is a sound that many people can hear or feel.  Use things from around your house to make your own instruments. What sounds will you make? Something loud or quiet? Create a few instruments and form a family band!

For more instructions, please view the full write-up here: Module 16_ Hear the Music

Movement Break - Family Yoga

Making Art with Your Body

Use your body to do two different projects! This activity has two parts: making fingerprint art and body tracing. You can do one or both.

For more instructions, please view the full write-up here: Module 16_ Making Art with Your Body

Optional: Share Your Adventures on Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a way for Explorers to show-and-tell their work to other explorers. Caregivers should supervise any sharing on Flipgrid. For full instructions and sharing guidelines, click here: Flipgrid How-To

Live Feature - IMAGINE - Art with Sneha Shrestha

Tune in for a live feature at 1 pm EST on Tuesday August 11th – This week’s feature is a session with Boston artist Sneha Shrestha – Just bring a piece of paper and crayons/markers. To join the live stream, CLICK HERE.

Note – A free one-time download may be required for you to use video meeting software.

A recording of the live stream will be uploaded within 24 hours.

Live Feature with Artist Sneha Shrestha